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Strakka Performance is a results driven exclusive training facility based within the heart of the UK’s Motorsports Valley.




• Exclusive World Class Performance Centre – Extensive strength and conditioning facilities, specifically designed for Elite Athletic Development.
• Hypoxic (altitude training) and Climate (heat and humidity training) facilities. Normally only found in National Institutes of Sport or Universities.


Driver Biomechanics Assessment


• Limit the onset of injury through the identification of physical issues often associated with the demands of racing driving at elite level
• Maximise physical potential through the identification of physical weakness


Driver Physical Condition Assessment


• Evaluate movement competence to establish current training age and ability
• Assess current levels of Strength and Power
• Assess current levels of Fitness
• Evaluate current body composition
• Goal Setting

3 assessments per season – On signing, pre-season and mid-season


Specific Driver Development Strength And Conditioning Programs


Individually tailored training programs, focusing on both long term driver development and and the specific demands of motorsport

• Strength and Power
• Posture
• Aerobic and anaerobic fitness
• Endurance
• Robustness


Specific One To One Performance Coaching


Access to fully coached one to one training sessions

• Physical Training
• Technical Competence Training
• Goal Setting
• Nutrition Assessment
• Sleep and Recovery Assessment
• Jet Lag Reduction Planning

Maximum 3 Sessions per week over the Full Season


Soft Tissue Therapy, Sports Massage And Recovery


Assess to soft tissue/massage and recovery work based at both Strakka Performance and all races.

Modalities include –

• Informed Sport Drug Free Supplementation
• Sports Massage
• Firefly Recovery
• Game Ready Recovery Device
• Hyperice Raptor Percussion Massage Tool


Heat Acclimation Training


An athlete/drivers ability to tolerate heat is one of the highest priorities when training to compete in hot climates.

As few as 5 exposures to Heat Training has been shown to significantly improve a athletes/drivers ability to perform in heat stress conditions.

Heat Acclimation Training can improve athletic performance by evoking lower heart rate, lower core body temperature and higher sweat rates (Sawka et al., 2011)

Heat Acclimation Training would be particularly beneficial in the lead up to races such as Bathurst, Laguna Seca, Sepang, Paul Ricard and Spa.

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